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WHOIS Software Package to run your own service

Our package provides you with the same technology we use here at WhoisXML API and helps you run your own hosted WHOIS web service in-house. All you need to have is the necessary infrastructure and support power, and our expert team will handle the rest for you.

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WHOIS API Software Package
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  • Flexibility

    Customize services you want to provide in your hosted WHOIS web service based on your business needs.

  • Reliable service

    We provide 24/7 backend support from the WhoisXML API team.

Practical usage

Ideal for registrars

The product is ideal for registrars who want to concentrate on their core business while also getting reliable WHOIS services in-house without much hassle.

Ideal for registrars
In-house WHOIS service

In-house WHOIS service

This product is also good for organizations that wish to maintain WHOIS services in-house or can’t make third-party API calls./p>

Check the possibilities of our downloadable WHOIS database

Our database contain domain ownership information across 10B+ historical WHOIS records and thousands of TLDs.

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API integration available

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