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Bulk WHOIS API gives you parsed domain WHOIS ownership information for a list of domains and IP addresses

Do you want to know who is behind the domains and connected IP addresses in your database? Bulk WHOIS API can retrieve all corresponding WHOIS records with a single query. Upload your existing data and download the result in CSV format.

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We provide flexible and reliable bulk API processing

  • Completeness

    All data points contained in WHOIS records are made available through Bulk WHOIS API. This includes registrants’ contact information and address, registrar, and domain dates (creation/domain age, expiration, updates, etc.).

  • Consistency

    Our bulk API gives out WHOIS information in a consistent format. That way, you can readily use the results because they are compatible with your systems.

  • Flexibility

    Our API gives you the flexibility to upload multiple domain lists and download separate results with unique request IDs for each file.

  • Convenience

    You don’t have to worry about compatibility. Our API returns results containing parsed and raw data in either Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

Practical usage

Cybercrime prevention

Cybercrime prevention

Preventing cybercrime is one of the most challenging enterprises of our time. Staying ahead of perpetrators requires cybersecurity professionals to obtain precise and exhaustive domain data which Bulk WHOIS API can provide.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement officials often need to verify and check domains. The WHOIS database contains vital information for legal efforts as well. Merely possessing the information is not enough, though. Being able to parse key data points with flexibility and for custom solutions is essential.

Domain changes monitoring

Domain names research

Obtaining, selling, and registering domains is easier with WHOIS data. The data itself is not enough, however. That’s why our Bulk WHOIS API is hassle-free, and of course, accurate with all relevant data points.

Marketing research

The sheer amount of information used by global industries is immense. A bulk WHOIS API is essential for companies operating in online arenas and willing to reinforce their existing data and systems. Domain name information can help identify complex trends in the online marketplace and enrich other sources of data.

Brand protection

WHOIS data gathered from Bulk WHOIS API can help you learn more about all the domains that might be using your registered trademarks without your consent.


In search of new business opportunities, partners, or customers? The WHOIS information that we provide may be just what you need. Website owners and managers can rely on WHOIS records to find and contact potential stakeholders using their details.

Payment processing

Payment processors and banks use Bulk WHOIS API to detect transaction fraud as it contains domain ownership information that can help spot discrepancies with the domain records of legitimate entities.

Payment processing

Get 500 free API requests. No credit card required.

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Premium API Services

Our APIs are available in an enhanced version that offers better performance with a dedicated load balancer and a premium endpoint to enable faster throttling for large-scale API deployments.

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Enterprise API Packages

Get the most out of API access through an annual WhoisXML API subscription. Access pricing is determined based on the number of queries made per month computed at a per-minute rate. Plan your usage according to your available resources.

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