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Our WHOIS data is well-parsed and normalized for any domain name, IP address, or email account

We provide a variety of WHOIS data consumption models, including APIs, lookup tools, and direct access to our 14.3B+ historical WHOIS records via database downloads.

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What is WHOIS?

Despite the capital letters in “WHOIS”, it is not an acronym. Yet as the name suggests, a WHOIS record tells you all about a domain name’s registrant. Each WHOIS record gives pertinent details about the domain, including its age, registration status (creation, last update, and expiration dates), registrar, and owner. It allows users to obtain a domain owner’s contact details for reasons that include cyber investigation, market research, domain purchase, competitor monitoring, and more.

Our WHOIS record data is:

  • Exhaustive

    Our WHOIS database contains more than a billion records spanning domains and subdomains scattered across 7,298+ gTLDs, ccTLDs and ccSLDs.

  • Well-formatted for compatibility

    We parse and normalize all of our WHOIS data so it can be used as is or quickly integrated into a variety of internal systems.

  • Easy to work

    We provide query results in convenient formats across all of our products. API outputs are available in XML and JSON, database downloads in CSV and MySQL, and lookup reports are hosted using a custom URL and are shareable.

  • Readily accessible

    Near real-time data gathering means instantaneous access to accurate information, enabling better decision-making. Our WHOIS information is updated daily.

Our WHOIS data product line includes:


Need domain data points such as registrant name, organization, email address, location, registrar information, creation/last update/expiration dates, availability, age, and more? WHOIS Lookup can help with web-hosted shareable reports.

WHOIS Lookup | WhoisXML API


A single API call is all you need to obtain WHOIS information for your various business requirements. Get the first 500 WHOIS API calls free of charge if you sign up for a developer account.

Bulk processing

Our bulk WHOIS processing tools provide WHOIS records for an entire list of domains/IP addresses made via a single RESTful API or graphical user interface (GUI) query. Upload your existing data and download the results in comma-separated values (CSV) format.

WHOIS Database Download | WhoisXML API

Data feed

We provide complete and relevant domain WHOIS data that can be customized and easily integrated into systems for all your business needs. We do our best to widen the scope of our database and boost its accuracy to offer data that is as well-structured as possible.

WHOIS Search Overview | WhoisXML API

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