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ccTLD Historic WHOIS Database Download

Get access to a comprehensive and updated list of active and historical WHOIS records for hundreds of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs), including .ae, .ag, .cn, .fr, .uk, and .ru.

The database also includes the domain records of country-code second-level domains (ccSLDs) such as,,,,, and

With ccTLD Historic WHOIS Database Download, users can easily zoom in on the country-specific WHOIS records of domains that interest them.

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WHOIS Database
1,270+ccTLDs and ccSLDs
160+ millionactive ccTLD domains in total
1.6+ billionhistorical ccTLD WHOIS records


  • Value

    Our ccTLD WHOIS database download package is advantageous for users who just need access to ccTLD information.

  • Complete

    All relevant information is available for domains sporting ccTLD & ccSLD extensions, including domain availability, age, creation and expiration dates, registrant details, and more.

  • Current

    The records included in ccTLD Historic WHOIS Database Download are updated daily.

  • Easy to use

    The database feeds are delivered in CSV and MySQL files that are well-parsed and structured for immediate analysis and easy system integration.

Our ccTLD Historic WHOIS Data

Region # of ccTLD* # of records
Europe 80+ 820M+
Asia Pacific 60+ 470M+
North America 30+ 110M+
Africa 50+ 91M+
Latin America 30+ 82M+

*ccSLDs not accounted for in this column

Practical usage

Cybersecurity Analysis and Fraud Detection

Cybercriminals often mimic the domains of legitimate organizations using ccTLDs to create a false sense of authority and proximity to deceive their victims. ccTLD Historic WHOIS Database Download allows investigators to sift through country-specific registration details and find connections between suspicious domains.

Threat Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

WHOIS data gleaned from billions of ccTLD records can enhance security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, threat intelligence platforms (TIP), and security automation, orchestration, and response (SOAR) platforms.

Cybersecurity Analysis and Fraud Detectionn
Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Brand managers can examine the WHOIS records of different domains under hundreds of ccTLDs to uncover potential trademark infringement. With the help of the database, they can detect domain name similarities, duplicates, and copycats as well as updated registration details to negotiate domain purchases or initiate Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) cases.


Marketing managers can focus their digital campaigns and research efforts on localized areas with the help of ccTLD WHOIS Database Download. They can filter records per country and get even more granular data for specific country codes.

Domain Tracking

Country-code managers and other interested parties can easily keep track of domains under specific ccTLDs.

Law Enforcement

ccTLD Historic WHOIS Database Download helps law enforcers identify connected domains, websites, and IP addresses associated with fraudulent activities across ccTLDs and ccSLDs.

Domain Tracking
ccTLD Historic WHOIS Database | WhoisXML API

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