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Making requests

Our Hosted Whois Web Service provides registration details, also known as WHOIS Records, of a domain names, an IP addresses or an email address. provides RESTful APIs. It is designed for server-to-server communication between your system and the network using HTTPs protocol. Query responses are delivered in either XML or JSON format based on your requests which are made via GET/POST methods.

To get started you need a developer's account with Authentication is required each time in order to use the API. The first 500 WHOIS API calls are complimentary when you register for a free developer account.

It takes up to a minute to activate your account after the registration.

Input parameters: required


Get your personal API KEY on My products page.


The domain/IPv4/IPv6/email address for which WHOIS data is requested.

Input parameters: optional


Response output format.

Acceptable values: JSON | XML

Default: XML


1 results in getting the latest WHOIS record even if it's incomplete.

Acceptable values: 0 | 1

Default: 0


1 results in a quick check on domain availability, 2 is slower but more accurate. Results are returned under WhoisRecord → domainAvailability (AVAILABLE | UNAVAILABLE | UNDETERMINED)

Acceptable values: 0 | 1 | 2

Default: 0


1 results in returning IPs for the domain name.

Acceptable values: 0 | 1

Default: 0


1 results in returning the WHOIS record for the hosting IP if the WHOIS record for the tld of the input domain is not supported.

Acceptable values: 0 | 1

Default: 0


1 results in fetching proxy/WHOIS guard data, if it exists, in the WhoisRecord → privateWhoisProxy schema element.

Acceptable values: 0 | 1

Default: 0


1 results in returning WHOIS data from registry only, without fetching data from registrar. Returned registry data corresponds to the WhoisRecord → registryData schema element.

Acceptable values: 0 | 1

Default: 0


1 results in stripping all raw text from the output.

Acceptable values: 0 | 1

Default: 0


A javascript function used when outputFormat is JSON; this is an implementation known as JSONP which invokes the callback on the returned response.


1 provides parsing for input WHOIS raw texts described below.

Acceptable values: 0 | 1

Default: 0


A string representing the registry WHOIS raw text to be parsed; works only when the _parse parameter is equal to 1.


A string representing the registrar WHOIS raw text to be parsed; works only when the _parse parameter is equal to 1.

Free access

After Sign Up you automatically get a free subscription plan limited to 500 queries per month.

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