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Getting WHOIS records


Since processing all the input domains may take some time, you'll have to repeatedly query this resource until the returned recordsLeft field value is 0.

Set the maxRecords input parameter to 1 if you don't need to monitor each record's progress.

Otherwise, each element of the whoisRecords array contains the whoisRecordStatus field:

  • 0 - processed;
  • 1/2 - incomplete / missing data;
  • 3 - processing.

The domainStatus field contains the processing status of the record:

  • N - unavailable;
  • I - available.

POST request body sample

    "apiKey": "API_KEY",
    "requestId": "ece0f949-c22a-4ecc-...",
    "maxRecords": 1,
    "startIndex": 1,
    "outputFormat": "JSON"

Input parameters


Required. Get your personal API KEY on the My products page.


Required. String.

Bulk request identifier.


Required. Number.

Maximum amount of WHOIS records to be returned.


Optional. Number.

The first WHOIS record to be returned by the server.

Acceptable values: 1+

Default: 1


Optional. Response output format.

Acceptable values: JSON | XML

Default: XML