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Datafeed files

The data feed provides a downloadable database of WHOIS records.

The database comes in 2 forms

1. Quarterly gTLD/ccTLD WHOIS database

A database of all the WHOIS records in the unified and consistent mysqldump or CSV format. Released each quarter.

These files are named in the format of:

  • "csvs.%TLD%.%TYPE%.tar.gz", e.g. "", "";
  • "whoiscrawler_%RELEASE%_%TLD%_mysql.sql.gz", e.g. whois_crawler_v27_com_mysql.sql.gz

2. Incremental quarterly updates (first introduced in version 22)

The updates which are released if and only if it is not possible to provide complete and accurate information on the WHOIS system at the date of the release for technical reasons (e.g. some changes are unsettled in the WHOIS ecosystem).

These files are named in the format of:

  • "csvs.%TLD%.%TYPE%.diff.tar.gz", e.g. ""

See complete documentation with regard to up-to-date file names and formats:


  • Download CSV sample
  • Browse more gTLDs samples here. (user: sample, password: sample999!)
  • Browse more ccTLDs samples here. (user: sample, password: sample999!)

Average file sizes

The file sizes may vary for a particular database release. In order to see the actual file sizes, refer to the concrete release specification, e.g.

Also the sizes can be found in the "sample" directory for a particular release, e.g.