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How old is the WHOIS record returned?

The data age ranges between 0 to 24 hours. Typical data age is 0 hours (real time) since we don't get many duplicate domains from user queries in a day. We cache the WHOIS record for up to 24 hours. When you send us a query, we first check to see if the WHOIS record in cache is older than 24 hours, if it is, then we will fetch it in real time. You may also use _hardRefresh=1 to force a real time fetch, but this would cost 5 times the credits.

Why do I get inconsistent WHOIS record response?

Sometimes registrant information shows up under WhoisRecord and sometimes it shows up under WhoisRecord→registryData.

For each domain name there are at most 2 WHOIS records, one from registry (eg. Verisign) and one for registrar (eg. GoDaddy). We return the registry WHOIS record under WhoisRecord→registryData and registar WHOIS record under WhoisRecord. For most TLDs other than com/net, only registry WHOIS record exists.

Are there any TLDs that you don't support?

There are some TLDs for which their registry/registrar doesn't publish WHOIS records. For these TLDs we only provide a simple WHOIS record with name server information. Click here for a list of such TLDs.

How do I check if a domain is registered or not?

You can supply the optional da parameter (acceptable values: 0, 1, 2) to query domain availability checks. da = 2 is slower but more accurate. Results are returned under WhoisRecord → domainAvailability (AVAILABLE | UNAVAILABLE | UNDETERMINED).

Can I receive notifications when my account balance gets low?

When your account balance falls below certain threshold you will receive an email alert. Another email will be sent when your account balance reaches 0. You can always change notification settings & warning thresholds on the Settings - Notifications page.

WHOIS API Splunk application tutorial

Whois XML API is as an application for Splunk. It allows conducting WHOIS search for domain names or IP addresses from within Splunk.

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