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bestwhois - a command-line whois-like clientbestwhois - a command-line whois-like client

Accurate current and historic WHOIS data
in the command line – introducing the "bestwhois" utility

Do you prefer the good old “whois” command for domain or IP WHOIS lookups? Would you like to get the data in the command line without running into query limitations? Are you also interested in historic WHOIS records?

We have good news for UNIX power users and other command-line enthusiasts. WhoisXML API, Inc. now provides the “bestwhois” utility, which is meant as a possible alternative to the standard “whois” client. It is a command-line front-end to our WHOIS API and WHOIS History APIs written in Python. By installing it on your Linux, Windows or Mac OS X system (or any other platform with Python), you can do WHOIS queries from our APIs in a fashion similar to that of the original “whois” command. All you need is a subscription to the APIs (free access is also available).

Get the “bestwhois” utility now from GitHub: